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A Guide to Recognizing Your Saints

DIRECTED BY - Dito Montiel

Writer Dito Montiel's highly cinematic memoir of his childhood in Queens, New York, makes the leap to the big screen, with the author himself getting behind the camera to helm this powerful, and at times gut-wrenching, adaptation. The film flits back and forth between the adult Montiel's (Robert Downey Jr.) emotional return to the neighborhood after a 15-year gap, and the childhood antics that led to his younger self (played by Shia LeBouf) fleeing to Los Angeles in 1986. Downey's older brother Montiel is an introspective, quietly successful author who comes home after he is informed of his father's (Chazz Palminteri) life-threatening illness. LeBouf's teenage Montiel is a young tearaway who runs into constant trouble with his gang of friends, falls in love with local looker Laurie (Rosario Dawson), and dreams of an escape from the city with his Scottish friend, Mike (Martin Compston).



GENRES - drama

Film Info

RUNTIME - 98 minutes


YEAR - 2006

COUNTRY - United States

LANGUAGE - English


Dito Montiel


René Bastian


Lucy Cooper


Dito Montiel


Shia LaBeouf


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