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16 Years Of Alcohol

Former musician Richard Jobson (of The Skids) makes his directoral debut with the gritty drama 16 YEARS OF ALCOHOL. Frankie (Kevin McKidd, TRAINSPOTTING) found out early in life how easy it was to turn to booze and violence to drown out the pain and anger in his life. After spending years roaming through the back alleys of Edinburgh, drunk and looking for a fight, Frankie meets Mary and discovers that he would rather be with her than continue his degenerate lifestyle. However, breaking the power of habit and dealing with his friends may prove more difficult than Frankie initially realized. Filled with the 1970s punk music that Jobson was himself a part of, 16 YEARS OF ALCOHOL is a realistic look at the difficulties of substance abuse that continue even when the habit is kicked.

GENRES - drama

Film Info

RUNTIME - 96 minutes


YEAR - 2003

COUNTRY - United Kingdom

LANGUAGE - English

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